Bring Your Energy

The best thing you can bring to your team is your energy.

No one is impressed with a tired leader. Being tired due to a full schedule is not a badge of honor, but rather a symptom of inefficient and mismanaged use of time.

Bring your energy. Take a quick nap. Take a brisk walk. Drink a cup of coffee. Do whatever it takes to bring your energy.

Then, be patient and wait for your team to discover how energetic you are in spite of your full schedule.

Rob Lott

I Am An Intellectual Extrovert

I may be a social introvert, but a friend┬árecently made the astute observation that I am an “intellectual extrovert.” I get energized by ideas.

You can see this when I’m sitting in a classroom or at a conference: the ideas just start flowing, and I have to multitask to keep up with the creative juices. I’ll come away with a dozen ideas for blog posts, a new book idea, a list of people to connect with. I come away both tired from the external social stimulation and energized by the internal stimulation.

I will be teaching in Virginia the next couple of days and am ready for another brain storm!