Expedience With Excellence

The other day, I asked a coworker in another department for some information. He replied in less than 30 seconds. When I responded to thank him for the information and especially for the fast response, he replied just as quickly:

“Expedience with excellence. Life motto.”

Wow. What clarity of purpose! What a challenge to my own standard of work. And what a privilege to work with someone who is that dedicated to service.

It’s All Connected

Your personal life and your public life.

How you lead in your family and how you lead in your organization.

The decisions you make today and the ramifications twenty years down the road.

Your physical health and your emotional health.

Your emotional health and your spiritual health.

How you manage your time at home and how you manage your time at work.

The activity in one corner of your organization and the effects on the other side of the organization.

The seeds you sow and the harvest you reap.

Your thoughts and your character.

The little things and the big things.

(Your ankle bone and your shin bone.)

Don’t kid yourself: Top to bottom, now and later, here and there — it’s all connected.

Labor-Less Day

In the United States, today is a holiday — Labor Day, an official holiday since 1894, when President Grover Cleveland reconciled with the labor movement after the violent Pullman Strike and, in an effort to avoid further conflict, rushed the holiday proposal through Congress and into law six days later.

Today, of course, few people know the origin of this national holiday. For most Americans, Labor Day is viewed as the ceremonial end of summer; one final, glorious three-day weekend to swim, grill, play, and relax before schools, jobs and ministries ramp up. There is no real break between Labor Day and Thanksgiving; by then the football and Christmas shopping seasons are in full swing, the air has cooled, the leaves have turned, and the days have grown short.

I will be spending the day enjoying a variety of recreational activities: sleeping in, going for a run, attending not one but two — count ’em — pool parties that may get rained out, maybe throwing a football or taking the dog for a walk. I hope you enjoy whatever you have in store for today, even if your Labor Day plans include actual labor at your usual job. Tomorrow we are all back at it.

How are you celebrating Labor Day?