2013 Goals Update

Back on New Year’s Day, I posted my list of goals and commitments for 2013. Six months later, here is how I’m doing:

  • Read 50 nonfiction books. At the halfway point of the year, I have read 32 books, so I am well ahead of schedule.
  • Complete the Chicago Marathon. This has probably been the most disappointing. While training for a half-marathon last spring, some recurring injuries finally made me realize I need to stick to shorter distances. This was not just a goal for this year; it has been on my bucket list for quite some time, and it was hard to give up this dream. 
  • Learn basic American Sign Language. I had hoped to attend a class offered at our church but had too many schedule conflicts. I still have the materials and it remains a goal for this year. 
  • Read through the Bible, and encourage my sons and the group of women who have all accepted the challenge/invitation to do it with me. Making great progress here. I am several books ahead of schedule and my older son and other women from church are still on track. 
  • Be able to do 50 consecutive, unassisted pushups. I’m up to 25 on my knees. That’s progress, right? 
  • Lose an additional 5-10 pounds. (Muscle gain may counter some weight loss.) I’ve lost a little weight but definitely gained some muscle, so I am leaner but not much lighter. 
  • Pay down an additional $5,000 of my school loans. Working on this according to my repayment schedule. 
  • Work out five days a week for at least 30 high-intensity minutes. Doing pretty well with this one. I’ve had to rest after some minor injuries but have definitely improved overall fitness and been diligent to exercise regularly.
  • Complete local Red Cross Disaster Volunteer Training and register as a local volunteer. In process. There are enough training modules that it may take more than this year to complete, but I am making progress.
  • Submit a proposal and complete the manuscript for a book on church organizational culture. Writing diligently this summer with hopes to submit to publishers this fall.
  • Publish a book about tips on success for students in online/distance educational programs. Done! See here!
  • Develop the outline for a book on identifying “fit” for ministry leaders. A project for this fall, after the Organizational Culture book.
  • Develop the outline for a book on The Art & Practice of Leadership. In process but again, a project for the fall.
  • Other goals may develop as a result of the upcoming local ministry leaders’ gathering and other prospective partnerships. We currently have 20-35 area ministry leaders gathering regularly for networking, training and encouragement. I also continue to weigh teaching, writing, and leadership opportunities.

Did you make commitments for 2013? If so, how are you doing?


2011 Favorites

Yeah, I know, we are already six days into the new year, but I don’t think it’s too late to share some of my favorites from 2011. No rhyme or reason to these categories and they are not necessarily the best, just my own favorites.

Movie: The King’s Speech. 

Book: I think I need to go with Spiritual Rhythm by Mark Buchanan. I’ll post my entire 2011 reading list next week.

Technology: Hands down, my iPad.

Trip: A lot of worthy candidates, including San Francisco, Denver, Chicago and the beach, but I’m going with our family “mystery adventure trip” to New York City last August.

Sporting Event: Easy, the Green Bay Packers’ victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

TV Show: Dave and I just discovered Parenthood and are making our way through the last two seasons via Netflix streaming.

Purchase: Our sweet beagle puppy, Brewster.

Achievement: Completing my Ph.D.

Experience: Visiting Alcatraz.

What were some of your highlights and favorites from 2011?