Palms Up

My friend Lindy is one of the most encouraging, inspiring people I know. Although she is dying of cancer, she considers her disease a gift because it has freed her up to truly live, instead of worrying about the everyday details of life. A lifelong overachiever, she has stopped over-scheduling each day and trying to control her future. Instead, she told me, she now approaches each day with “palms up,” asking God what He has for her that day. She is free to respond as He leads, whether that is going for a walk with a friend, being available for her husband and sons, cooking a meal for someone, or listening to her body’s need for extra rest.

Every time we get together she is undistracted, unhurried and fully present. She has let go of what she thought mattered, and now can enjoy what really matters. Lindy’s example challenges me to live in the same way: open and available to wherever God leads and whomever He places in my path.

Do you live palms up?



2 thoughts on “Palms Up

  1. Avis Wainright says:

    Well said. In this last year I have been trying to live this way. It is probably the hardest thing I have ever learned to do. I was so used to working and being so strapped to a timeline that I had no time to enjoy what the Lord has done for me and to enjoy it in the way He wanted me to. Our God is great and if we listen to Him we would have a more fulfilling life!

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