Fall 2015 Teaching Schedule

This fall, I will be teaching or facilitating three courses for Capital Seminary & Graduate School:

  1. MIN 507 Leadership Development & Team Building. This will be with our cohort of MAM-Church Planting students in Boca Raton, FL. Yay, Boca. Yuck, in August. I should have thought that through before taking the assignment. 🙂
  2. LSP 906 Leadership & Management Theory. This is a doctoral course for students in the first year of our PhD Leadership program. I will be facilitating the online portion and preparing to take the course completely next fall.
  3. MIN 507 Leadership Development & Team Building. The second go-’round of this course will be with our strong cohort right here in Indy. I’m really looking forward to the concentrated classroom time with this group.

In addition, I will be attending the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, participating in our Church & Ministry Leadership department retreat, and working with several PhD and DMin students on their dissertations and theses. I will also be leading several other leadership development events for One Mission Society here in Greenwood.

Full speed ahead into fall!


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