The Summer Of R’s

I know it’s only August 3, but in our house the summer is functionally over, as our school district is on a modified year-round calendar and our boys go back to school tomorrow. My husband is gearing up for fall kickoff activities at church, and I have turned my attention to my own teaching this fall.

It’s been a great nine weeks of “R’s” for our family: rest, renewal, recreation, and re-connection. The boys slept a lot, and it was nice for all of us to not have to get up for early school days. I read a lot of non-work books and journaled a lot, and the boys decompressed from schoolwork and had time for their own interests.

I ran a 10K in Chicago, our younger son participated in an Ultimate Frisbee league and biked around the neighborhood, and my older son took the dog for nightly walks and joined me at yoga. We enjoyed summer movies including the fantastic Inside Out and Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation and I have been binge-watching Downton Abbey with Son #1.

Most importantly, we had a lot of great time re-connecting in relationships. As a family we enjoyed leisurely dinners together most nights, a challenge once the school year is in full swing. We also spent a few days in Chicago and a day with my family in Wisconsin, and I went on several college visits with our older son. The boys were able to spend a lot of time with their friends from school, church, and childhood. And Dave and I had our own full social calendars, especially while the boys served on a one-week mission project. The two of us kicked off that week with a night in a hotel on the beautiful canal in downtown Indianapolis.

After a very hard and hectic Spring between normal activities and the passing of Dave’s mom and other aging parent issues, it’s been great to really decompress. Of course the boys never want school to start, but we are heading into the new year about as rested and ready as we can be.


At the Lakeshore Weekend festival on the harbor in Sheboygan, WI


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