Teaching Leadership Development

I got back last night from another fantastic teaching trip. This time I was in Springfield, VA for the two-day on-campus residency for MIN 507 Leadership Development & Team Building.

Represented in my classroom of 17 students: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines; men, women; ex-cons, senior pastors, lay leaders; churches, para-church ministries, government entities, big business; Korea, China, Africa, the United States; single, married, new parents, grandparents. It was a little taste of heaven, all of us together.

It turns out that you can actually hear learning taking place. Sometimes it sounds like an old tractor shifting without a clutch. Sometimes it sounds like a race car revving to life. There were murmurs, “amens,” clacking keyboards, eager scratching of pens on paper, lots of questions and great dialogue.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I am so privileged to teach and to learn from such a diverse group of students at Capital.

Group projects using Logos software.

Students act out a skit demonstrating the wrong way to recruit volunteers.

Another skit.


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