Take Five

1322926299A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit a new coffee shop in town. Coffeehouse Five is a for-benefit coffeehouse in Greenwood that directs all proceeds to support stronger marriages and families in the community through five initiatives:

  1. Free pre-marital counseling.
  2. Free marriage counseling.
  3. Free addictions recovery programs.
  4. Free mentor couple training.
  5. Donation of 10% of proceeds to local food pantries.

Workers at Coffeehouse Five serve as volunteers so that more money can go toward these five initiatives.

The place had a great vibe and a good combination of quieter spaces for one or two people, along with tables for group meetings. The day I was there, it looked like a local church staff had decided to hold its meeting there. I am not a coffee drinker but my caffeinated friend said she couldn’t decide between all the great options. (I am a tea drinker and was personally a bit disappointed in the selection in that department.) The shop also sold all sorts of bakery treats and healthier, locally produced snacks.

I hope Coffeehouse Five succeeds, both in business and in accomplishing their greater mission.


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