I Am An Expert Traveler

Not only do I get to go through expedited security screening thanks to TSA Pre-Check, now the U.S. Government has also approved me as a “Trusted Traveler” through its Global Entry Program. This means that I am eligible for expedited screening through U.S. Customs when returning from international travel.


I have not yet used Global Entry (I’ll get my first chance when I return from a trip to Germany in a month), but Pre-Check is definitely worth the cost. I get to keep my shoes on and liquids and laptops in my luggage, and go through a shorter line. For my last trip, Dave dropped me off at IND and I was through security and at my gate in less than 5 minutes!

Pre-Check costs $85 and Global Entry costs $100 and includes Pre-Check — so if you’re going to travel internationally, you should go with Global Entry. (Alas, I did not know this when I first applied for TSA Pre-Check.) Both approvals are good for five years. Pre-Check requires an interview and fingerprinting that can be completed at most airports. Global Entry requires an interview and fingerprinting with a U.S. Customs Official; locations are more limited and appointments take longer to schedule.


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