What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I know some of you are still on summer break, but my boys are on a modified year-round school calendar so we’ve been back in our school rhythm since July 29. But oh, what a great summer we had before that. Some of the highlights:


Family trip to Chicago with dear friends from Minnesota



Father’s Day visit to Willow Creek Community Church


Our Hope Group prepared and served dinner to 40 high school students (including my older son) & leaders who stayed at church for a week while they ran a children’s day camp.


We enjoyed a lot of long, beautiful Midwestern evenings, perfect for playing basketball, going for walks, and throwing a frisbee.


Our family spent July 4 in Breckenridge, CO with some dear friends from Denver.


Dave and the boys flew home after our time in the mountains while I stayed to teach a DMin course at Denver Seminary.


We picked up some of this Southern cherry goodness during a trip to Atlanta to visit Dave’s family.


We ended the summer watching the Glenn Miller Orchestra with great friends at “Symphony on the Prairie,” an annual summer outdoor concert series.

The summer was a perfect mix of travel/activities, time as a family and with friends, and rest. Now we are back to the school-year routine, including early mornings and after-school activities. But that means more and quieter work time for me during the day. After a great summer, I feel refreshed and ready to get back to work!


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