Creators, Consumers, and Curators

Some people are creators. They make something beautiful from seemingly nothing. They might be musicians, writers, speakers, thinkers, carpenters, teachers, entrepreneurs, computer programmers, investment bankers, or a host of other artists and artisans in every walk of life.

Other people are consumers. They don’t make anything on their own; they just take what the creators create and use it for their own purposes. This may sound selfish, but consumerism is to some degree a necessary part of life. We need food to eat, clothes to wear, places to live, and ways to gain information, entertainment, and money.

Over the last few years, a new category has emerged: the curators. These people cull through what has been created, catalog it, and make it more easily accessible for both creators and consumers. The explosion of information and items that are available around the world and around the clock has made curating a valuable service. Curators help us know what is out there and what is important. Once relegated to domains such as museums and art houses, curators can now be found (although not necessarily by that name) on Twitter, in the blogosphere, in stores, in banks, on TV news and talk shows, and even in churches.

Which one are you?



One thought on “Creators, Consumers, and Curators

  1. Joel Chatham says:

    Great piece. Love your perspective. In reading through previous posts, you mention your StandOut results indicated Connector/Creator. Can you go into a little detail about how those role combinations might look as a Connector/Curator-Creator. I find that I’m creative, but it’s usually creating by taking existing things, ideas, information and rearranging, combining differently etc to I guess create or curate something “new”. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks, Joel

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