Life’s Greatest Pleasures

Sorry for no post yesterday. I’ve been busy enjoying some of life’s greatest pleasures:

  • A sweet beagle at my feet on the front porch.
  • The smell of freshly cut grass.
  • Beautiful, warm, long summer days. (Finally!)
  • A few successful holes of golf that keep me coming back for more in this vexing game.
  • Walks with friends.
  • Energizing conversations and collaboration with colleagues.
  • Girls’ nights out.
  • After-dinner runs with family for frozen custard.
  • Lounging around the living room with my boys, talking about nothing and everything.
  • Watching my kids doing what they love in their games and performances.
  • Date lunches with Dave.
  • Worshiping with my dear church family.
  • Losing myself in a rhythm on my guitar.
  • Shared meals, laughter and tears with our small group.
  • Phone and video calls with friends around the country.

What are your greatest pleasures?


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