Representing at RHMA

I am currently in Morton, Illinois (near Peoria), representing Capital Seminary & Graduate School at the Rural Home Missionary Association conference. The RHMA’s mission is to plant and strengthen churches in small towns. “Small-town” doesn’t necessarily mean small church; in fact, some of the churches in RHMA are quite large.

There are around 400 pastors and spouses attending the conference. Dr. Gary Bredfeldt, Dean of CSGS and my boss, is one of the keynote speakers. I am here to provide information about our Master of Arts in Ministry (MAM) – Town & Country concentration, which is offered in partnership with RHMA. Capital provides the majority of the courses required for the MAM degree, while RHMA provides the four courses that comprise the concentration in Town & Country Ministry.

I love these unique partnerships and I’m glad we are helping to train ministry leaders in this critical but oft-neglected segment of our culture. The big cities and their big suburbs get all the attention, while there are thousands of pastors serving faithfully in small towns and rural areas. It’s a privilege to meet and encourage these pastors and to represent Capital at this conference.


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