Access Hollywood

As you read this, our family is returning home from a week-long Spring Break trip to California, particularly L.A. and Hollywood.

For as long as we can remember, our oldest son has determined to one day live in California. When he was three he told us he would be moving there. When he was six, his school project on “facts about North Carolina” stated that NC was “six states away” from California. At age eight, he wrote a letter to George Lucas asking if he could make the next Star Wars movie. (The folks at LucasFilm wrote a kind response declining his offer but encouraging him in his artistic endeavors.)

Finally, on the eve of his 15th birthday, we were able to take a trip that has been on our family’s bucket list. Our itinerary included the Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theater, Universal Studios Hollywood, the Pacific Ocean, Mosaic Church, visits with friends who have relocated to CA from Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Carolina, drives through several college campuses, multiple meals at In-N-Out Burger, and a good amount of pool time at the hotel. I look forward to telling you more about our trip.



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