Clean Up Your Mailing List

Yesterday I received an email asking for volunteers at my son’s elementary school — The one he no longer attends because: 1) he is now in middle school; 2) we now live in Indiana, not North Carolina.

I continue to receive Alumni mailings and phone calls from the University of North Carolina – Greensboro. I have never attended UNC-G. In fact, I have only set foot on their campus once in my entire life: to investigate a potential doctoral program, years ago. Yet for some reason, I went from being a prospective student to being an alumnus.

Every year, I update our family’s address book for our Christmas mailing list. The local Bible college where I work in partnership with Capital Seminary is currently cleaning up its alumni database. Our church is doing the same thing, updating the names, status, and contact information of current and former attenders.

Cleaning up a mailing list is a time-consuming task, but it must be done to ensure accurate communication, which is a key component of good relationships.

Go and clean up your mailing list.



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