Thankful It Happened To Us

Over Christmas break, a water pipe burst in the main “learning commons” at the parent institution where I teach (Lancaster Bible College). The pipe failure triggered activation of the sprinkler system in the building — a brand-new, 43,000-square-foot facility that houses the library, a student center, and numerous classrooms.

While it appears that books and offices have only sustained minimal damage, the building will be closed for months. This is a major disruption to a small college, and it could not have come at a worse time, as LBC has been getting ready for next week’s official launch of Capital Seminary.

Yet in the midst of this legitimate crisis that will divert countless hours and dollars over the coming months, here is the perspective shared with staff by the administration: “We thank God that this happened to LBC and not another institution, since LBC has the leadership in place to respond and rebuild.”

What a selfless response! Instead of complaining about “why us?”, the leaders at LBC have chosen to give thanks that this didn’t happen to another school. I’ve been reflecting on this for days. It’s been a great lesson and challenge to me personally, and another example of why I am proud and grateful to be affiliated with LBC and Capital Seminary.


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