Ten Little-Known Facts About Indianapolis

Our family has lived just outside Indianapolis for about 18 months now, and we continue to find more things to love about the “Circle City.” Indy seems to be an unintentional secret. People who live here love it, but for some reason most people outside of this area don’t know what Indy has to offer. Here are ten little-known facts about Indianapolis.

  1. Indianapolis is the 13th largest city in the United States.
  2. 2012 Indy population according to the U.S. Census Bureau was approximately 845,000. The combined statistical area (city and adjacent cities and towns) includes about 2.3 million people.
  3. Indianapolis was founded in 1820 by an act of the Indiana General Assembly as the location for the state capital.
  4. The layout of the city center was designed by Pierre Charles L’Enfant, who also designed the street layout of Washington, D.C. Like Washington, Indianapolis featured four quadrants that connect at a center circle . (Hence the “Circle City” moniker.)
  5. Indianapolis has been nicknamed “The Crossroads of America” because it sits at the intersection of Interstate highways I-65, I-69, I-70, and I-74.
  6. Indy is less than two hours from Cincinnati and Louisville, three hours from Chicago, and just over four hours from St. Louis.
  7. Famous companies headquartered in Indianapolis include Eli Lilly & Company, Finish Line, hhgregg, Dow AgroSciences, Steak & Shake, the NCAA, and Allison Transmission. Other major employers include Sallie Mae, IU Health, and Rolls-Royce.
  8. Indianapolis is consistently ranked as one of the most affordable major housing markets in the U.S.
  9. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indianapolis 500 and constructed in 1909, has a permanent seating capacity of 257,325 people and can accommodate up to 400,000 people with added infield seating.
  10. Indianapolis is home to first-rate arts and culture, including the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the Indiana Repertory Theatre, and the Jordan School of Fine Arts at Butler University.


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