Rest As God’s Design

From my friend and colleague, Mark Eckel, an excellent essay on how regular rest is part of the created order.

“The creational ordinance of rest is a distinctive blessing given by The Personal Creator in the opening pages of His Book.  God gave three blessings prior to human sin: reproduction (Genesis 1:22), rule (1:28), and rest (2:3).  The word used for rest literally means to cease from one’s work for a time. Once begun, the pattern should continue.  The importance of rest as a blessing cannot be overemphasized . . . .  God’s first use of the word holy—distinctiveness, set-apart-ness—is to sanctify time. The first instance of the word holy in Scripture stipulated that God wants His people to be different by making time holy. The climax of creation is to construct one day out of seven as unique.”

I agree with Mark: Regular rest, a sanctified time, is a blessing and a necessity that was established before God ordered observance of Sabbath in the Ten Commandments.

“Retreat is not a luxury.  Retreat is an expectation.  Retreat is an act of worship.  Retreat is the anticipation of eternity. Retreat is not something we work into our schedule, our schedule should work around retreat.”

I’ve written before that my personal institution of Sabbath has been life-changing. How do you practice regular rest and retreat for your own renewal?

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