Doesn’t Everyone Do It That Way?

If you’ve ever found yourself asking that question, maybe you have inadvertently discovered one of your unique talents or personality traits.

I used to think anyone could just hammer out a quick letter or a couple of paragraphs. I used to think that everyone else could “see” systems the way I did. I thought that networking came easily to most people. I thought it was perfectly normal for kids to number their Christmas gifts and then draw corresponding numbers from a hat to know the order to open them. (True story. Yes, I like structure. Don’t judge.)

What are the things that are second nature to you, but a challenge for almost everyone else on the planet? Perhaps you’ve just discovered a gift.

(Feel free to label it #1 and open it now.)



One thought on “Doesn’t Everyone Do It That Way?

  1. Bev Murrill says:

    Not judging (sic) but … labelling the Christmas presents… that’s a new one!

    What do I do by second nature – correct the spelling of anything I am reading. And notice what is fantastic about the person and tell them about it as soon as I meet them… some people are certainly not used to that, but it’s second nature to me.

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