Midwest Memories

Yesterday, our family returned home from a seven-day road trip to the Upper Midwest. We drove from Indiana to western Wisconsin, on to Rochester and the Twin Cities in Minnesota, then to Wisconsin Dells for a wedding before heading back home. We covered 1,541.5 miles during our trip, and we packed a lot into those miles.

We spent time on a farm, in the big city, in the suburbs, on a lake, and in a small town.

We saw the Mall of America, a water ski show, and a herding dog demonstration.

We ate ice cream cake, home-smoked ribs, Pad Thai, juicy burgers, strawberry rhubarb pie, authentic Mexican, homemade Swedish pancakes with farm-tapped maple syrup, and homemade scones with Devonshire cream.

We saw people from 30 years of life and ministry: mentors, mentees, bosses, coworkers, and dear friends. Relationships were renewed and deepened. We watched our boys enjoy their own new and growing friendships.

We talked about ministry, marriage, memories, parenting, sports, theology, and the future of the evangelical church.

We laughed. A lot.

We stayed up late, slept in, got up early, ran, swam, extroverted to exhaustion, napped, and soaked up the sun.

We came home at 3 a.m. Sunday morning, exhausted and ready for our own beds, yet recharged and renewed. If wealth can be measured in friendships, we are very rich indeed.


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