2013 Goals Update

Back on New Year’s Day, I posted my list of goals and commitments for 2013. Six months later, here is how I’m doing:

  • Read 50 nonfiction books. At the halfway point of the year, I have read 32 books, so I am well ahead of schedule.
  • Complete the Chicago Marathon. This has probably been the most disappointing. While training for a half-marathon last spring, some recurring injuries finally made me realize I need to stick to shorter distances. This was not just a goal for this year; it has been on my bucket list for quite some time, and it was hard to give up this dream. 
  • Learn basic American Sign Language. I had hoped to attend a class offered at our church but had too many schedule conflicts. I still have the materials and it remains a goal for this year. 
  • Read through the Bible, and encourage my sons and the group of women who have all accepted the challenge/invitation to do it with me. Making great progress here. I am several books ahead of schedule and my older son and other women from church are still on track. 
  • Be able to do 50 consecutive, unassisted pushups. I’m up to 25 on my knees. That’s progress, right? 
  • Lose an additional 5-10 pounds. (Muscle gain may counter some weight loss.) I’ve lost a little weight but definitely gained some muscle, so I am leaner but not much lighter. 
  • Pay down an additional $5,000 of my school loans. Working on this according to my repayment schedule. 
  • Work out five days a week for at least 30 high-intensity minutes. Doing pretty well with this one. I’ve had to rest after some minor injuries but have definitely improved overall fitness and been diligent to exercise regularly.
  • Complete local Red Cross Disaster Volunteer Training and register as a local volunteer. In process. There are enough training modules that it may take more than this year to complete, but I am making progress.
  • Submit a proposal and complete the manuscript for a book on church organizational culture. Writing diligently this summer with hopes to submit to publishers this fall.
  • Publish a book about tips on success for students in online/distance educational programs. Done! See here!
  • Develop the outline for a book on identifying “fit” for ministry leaders. A project for this fall, after the Organizational Culture book.
  • Develop the outline for a book on The Art & Practice of Leadership. In process but again, a project for the fall.
  • Other goals may develop as a result of the upcoming local ministry leaders’ gathering and other prospective partnerships. We currently have 20-35 area ministry leaders gathering regularly for networking, training and encouragement. I also continue to weigh teaching, writing, and leadership opportunities.

Did you make commitments for 2013? If so, how are you doing?


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