It Never Gets Old

The other night as I was coming out of worship practice, I ran into a high school sophomore who was one of over 40 teens staying at the church for a week while they led a day camp for younger children. I asked him how it was going.

“We just had the most awesome worship time,” he told me, his voice full of wonder.

I knew this student played guitar but I didn’t know he sang as well, so I expressed my surprise and delight when I learned that he had led worship that night. He explained that the high school director had asked him to step up to a leadership role for the coming year, to fill the shoes of some departing seniors.

I asked him what made the worship time so great on this particular night, and he explained that God had really moved in an amazing way among all the students. Hearts were broken and spilled out. He was still very much in awe of what had transpired.

“You know, a lot of people are good musicians, but not everyone is a good worship leader,” I told him. “You may have a gift.”

He nodded. “God may be showing me that this week.”

And with that he went on his way, and I knew I had just experienced a holy moment. I walked to my car, my heart filled with gratitude and my eyes brimming with tears. What an honor, to witness a young man realizing God’s powerful work and possible calling on his life. This is my life, my work, my passion.

I tell you, it never gets old.


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