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I first heard about the company when I was in seminary, working for the school bookstore. Apparently this new online bookstore called “” had the potential to change where and how students bought their textbooks. Who knew back in 1994 that this company would one day become the world’s largest retailer?

I love Amazon for so many reasons. I hate shopping at brick-and-mortar retail stores, so I love that I can shop from the comfort of my home, anytime day or night. (Last week I bought hardware at 2 a.m. since I couldn’t sleep and was trying to pare my errands list.) I love the customer reviews, which help me make buying decisions. I love the Wish List that I use to collect book recommendations and share for Christmas and birthday gift ideas.

I love the company’s customer service (they call me back, no time wasted on hold!) and the ease of returns. I love my Kindle e-reader, which allows me to travel with an entire academic library on one compact device (130 books and counting). I love that with an Amazon Prime membership, I get standard two-day shipping. I love that the prices are almost always lower than local prices. I love that I don’t have to pay sales tax, meaning that I save even more money.

But mostly, I love Amazon’s selection. I still use the site to purchase books — mostly Kindle e-books, and I’ve got to say that “One Click” ordering (download in 60 seconds!) makes it easy to buy a lot of books — but is now my first stop for almost everything except groceries. Looking back through my purchase history, here is what I have bought in the last six months:

  • Bowflex dumbbells
  • Laundry detergent
  • Toiletries
  • Heavy-duty garage shelving
  • Garage tool storage rail
  • Video recording equipment
  • Card and board games
  • A 60″, glass-backboard basketball goal
  • Basketball
  • Guitar tuner
  • New journals
  • Computer software
  • Various DVD’s
  • Vacuum cleaner bags
  • Dog leash and training collar
  • Slow cooker
  • Cast iron skillet
  • An out-of-print book of Snoopy cartoons
  • Dry erase/cork boards
  • A wooden pole and metal bracket for our house flag
  • And, of course, dozens of paper and electronic books

All of these came directly to my doorstep in two days or less and for far less money, time, and energy than if I had driven around to local stores, researching, locating, choosing, checking out, and transporting these items myself. These savings easily offset my annual Prime membership, protect my sanity, and are why I smile every time I see the UPS truck coming down the street.



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