Failure Is Good

This year I’ve been following a workout program that includes strength training. The goal of each strength workout is to reach “failure” in a particular number of repetitions — “failure” being the point where your muscles are temporarily unable to complete a particular move because they are so fatigued.

The trainer’s mantra in these workouts is, “Failure is good!” Research has shown that when a muscle reaches failure, it results in micro-tears in the muscle fiber. The re-building and repair of these tears is what actually leads to greatest muscle growth. More repetitions with lighter weights will build some endurance but not significantly greater strength.

In our own lives, ministry and leadership, we often shy away from the heavy weights and the hard work. We’re afraid of failure. But it’s through failure that we increase our strength and improve our capacity for future work.

Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is good.


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