A Great Grandma

Dave’s paternal grandmother, Virginia Moore Ward, passed away ten days ago. She was 96.

In her later years, “Grandma Great” suffered from dementia. Although her body held out for awhile longer, she was essentially “gone” for the last 6-8 years. But she certainly lived a very full life before that.

2117977_300x300At the funeral last week, Dave learned that Grandma Great moved to Goldsboro, NC by the time she was four years old. A year later, she made a profession of faith and was baptized at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. She was a regular attender there until the very last week of her life, making her the longest-tenured attender — 91 years! — in the history of St. Paul’s.

Over those 90+ years, Grandma Great served on almost every committee in the church. She served as a Sunday School teacher, Bible Study leader, member of the Altar Guild, the United Methodist Women and Unity Guild.  After all that work, is it any wonder that she would doze off during services the last few years?

Her three children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren all came to know the Lord and were inspired by her example of selfless love and service. We rejoice that she has been reunited with her Lord and with her beloved husband. I guarantee she got right to work making the biscuits, sweet tea and corn casserole for her arrival celebration.


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