Conversation Starters

Need some ideas for good ice-breakers and conversation starters? Here are some recommendations:

  • Would You Rather…? by Doug Fields. This book contains 465 thought-provoking questions. Great for use with all ages from middle school to adult. There is a companion book, Have You Ever…?, but I think Would You Rather…? is the better resource.
  • List Your Self by Ilene Segalove and Paul Bob Velick. Designed as a list-making journal, the topics can also be used for group discussion. 
  • Table Topics. This company produces a variety of question “cubes,” each containing 135 question cards. In addition to the Original Edition, themes include “Family Edition,” “Girls Night Out,” “Dinner Party,” and “Not Your Mom’s Dinner Party.”
  • FaithTalk. These questions, developed by spiritual formation expert Merton Strommen, focus on issues of faith and values. The original is designed for teenagers and older; there is also a kit for conversations with younger children.
  • The Ungame. OK, I really don’t like this game. Some of you may like it, but I hated playing that game as a kid because it’s the game “where everybody wins.” Where is the fun/challenge/competition in that?!? Still, you can use the question cards to initiate discussion.

What other resources could you recommend?


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