Do You Still Dream?

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high and life worth living
– Fantine, Les Misérables

imagesWhat were your original dreams for your life and ministry? Do you still dream? Or have you fulfilled your original dreams — or found them crushed by the challenges of real life?

When Dave and I first began dating, our conversations led to the creation of a “life list” — a list of things we wanted to do and experience together. We joked then that it would take a lifetime together to do everything on the list.

But about fifteen years into our marriage, we realized that we had accomplished almost everything on the list! There was certainly much to celebrate and many memories to cherish: trips, conversations, milestones. But we decided we didn’t want those accomplishments to be the end of our dreams. Instead, we began dreaming new dreams: for our marriage, for our family, and for ourselves individually. The other day I felt new excitement as I put some of these dreams in writing and on the calendar.

We’ve experienced the same thing in ministry. To be sure, our dreams have changed significantly over the years, as God shaped us through many difficult times. Ministry, as we’ve learned and you may also know, can be a dream-crusher unlike any other.

And yet God has graciously renewed our vision time and again. So we continue to dream: of lives changed, of God’s glory magnified, of influence and impact as we follow our calling. And those dreams give us excitement, perspective, motivation and fulfillment every day.

Do you still dream?


One thought on “Do You Still Dream?

  1. Timothy Koller says:

    This reminds me of a book recommended to me (that I haven’t yet read) entitled: The Prophetic Imagination.
    Good stuff, as always!

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