It’s Never Too Late

I just started reading the fascinating book, “Good to Great to Gone: The 60 Year Rise and Fall of Circuit City.” Author and former Circuit City CEO, Alan Wurtzel, begins by describing how his father, Sam, started the store at age 41, after a prior business venture had failed, leaving Sam broke except for his home. Sam determined it was not too late to start over and from that determination founded what became a retail behemoth. (Circuit City failed after Sam had retired.)

Sam Wurtzel was 41 and nearly broke, yet he decided he could still reinvent himself. Wurtzel’s story struck me because I am 42 years old. At my age, my friends and I are beginning to lament  how our bodies are beginning to betray us, how we missed opportunities in our younger days, how life is no longer easy and carefree. There is a clear sense that we are reaching the peak and it’s all downhill from here.

Then there’s Sam Wurtzel. To Sam, failure in the past meant a clean start and the perfect opportunity to start over.

So you’re 40. Or 50. Or 60. (Or 30. Or 20.) So what? So it’s January 11 and you’ve already broken your New Year’s Resolutions. So what? So you’re sick, or tired, or overweight, or divorced, or in debt, or far from God. So what? That doesn’t mean you’re a failure for life or that you have to be stuck.

It’s never too late. To go back to school. To mend that broken relationship. To get in (or back in) the best shape of your life. To get out of debt. To come back to God. To take care of yourself. To write that novel. To plant a church. To dream. To go. To leave. To travel. To start what will become a multimillion-dollar company.

You are free. Your best days are ahead. And it’s never too late.


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