App-Y New Year

A lot of my friends got iPhones over Christmas, so a lot of friends have been asking me about my favorite apps. Here is my list:

  • ToDo. Hands down, my favorite app. My entire life, home and work, in one collection of lists, projects, sub-projects, deadlines and reminders, organized into categories.
  • Evernote. Syncs with Evernote on my MacBook. I use it to jot blog ideas, book outlines, Christmas wish lists, movie lists, notes from phone conversations, etc.
  • YouVersion. A great Bible app that’s constantly being updated with new translations.
  • WeatherBug. I just discovered this over Christmas but I already like it much better than the standard iPhone Weather or the Weather Channel app.
  • FeeddlerPro. Aggregates my RSS feeds (mostly blogs) so I can scan headlines and read new posts in just a few minutes each day.
  • Grocery iQ. I’m not sure this is the best grocery-list app out there but it was the best I found at the time. It allows me to keep lists for several stores (Target, Kroger, Meijer) and remembers previous entries and categories.
  • Facebook. The new version of iOS integrates Facebook much better than in the past and makes it easy to use.
  • Amazon. Easy to purchase items or add to my Wish List.
  • Sudoku. I am too competitive to play Words With Friends and I’ve never gotten into Angry Birds, but I am hooked on Sudoku and really like this version.

I have other apps on my phone but use them infrequently because I prefer the desktop version (online banking, Kindle, WordPress, Twitter, DropBox), but these are my mobile essentials.

What are your favorite apps?

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