Review Of 2012 Goals

Exactly one year ago, I posted my Finish List, a.k.a. 2012 Goals. Now that 2012 is a fading memory, here’s a report on my progress:

Things I will finish in 2012:

  • A 10K road race. Never did find a 10K near me or that worked with my availability.
  • The manuscript for my first book (Church Organizational Culture). Nothing, boo. It got lost in the move and in numerous other work projects — the ones that come with contracts and cold, hard cash.
  • The proposal for a second book. Ditto. I actually have rough outlines for five books now.
  • Losing ten pounds. Done! 
  • Memorizing James and the Sermon on the Mount. More progress toward the end of the year but still, did not finish this.
  • Reading through the New Testament. Done!
  • Paying $5,000 on my school loans. Nope, but I did pay a little ahead and am making regular monthly payments.
  • Running a 5K at a pace of eight minutes per mile. Came in at 8:10 per mile in a local 5K, although I think the course distance may have been suspect. But I’m gonna take it. 
  • Updating and combining the web sites for The Leadership Lab and my blog. Done!
  • Reading 35 nonfiction books. Done! Actually, I read 49 books; look for the complete list tomorrow.
  • Designing six online courses as contracted with various colleges and seminaries. Done! 
  • Development of the Church Organizational Culture Survey. Progress stalled although I’m no longer sure this is the best focus of my time. 
  • Development of a “Post-Div” graduate-level leadership development program for church leaders. Done, sort of. Last fall, by request I began teaching a Leadership Foundations class for church leaders. It has received rave reviews so we’ll see where it goes…
  • The transition from our Interim ministry at Chatham Community Church to whatever God has for us next. DONE and this has been the big one that took time and energy from some of the other items on the list. In October, we finally moved into our new house, the completion of what really was a two-year transition process from when we first felt God nudging us out of our situation at the time.

How did you do with your 2012 Goals?


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