Consider The Source?

Does it matter whether the Truth comes from

a child
a person with different-colored skin
a pastor
a Gentile
a Samaritan
a liberal
a conservative
a Baptist
a non-Christian
a pro athlete
a woman
a convicted felon
or a Jew from Bethlehem?


4 thoughts on “Consider The Source?

    • Angie says:

      Good questions! Why do I ask? Because that’s what I do — get people thinking by asking questions. 🙂 What truth? I kept the question intentionally ambiguous. But does it matter “what truth?” Or is all truth God’s Truth? In other words, can Truth (capital-T, absolute truth) be found in “non-Christian” places? I would agree with Augustine that all truth is God’s truth and ultimately points back to Him.

  1. Hayley Frandsen says:

    The only truth that is correct 100% of the time is the Bible. Everything and everyone else must be tested, regardless of who or what they are. Everyone else is fallable.

    However, I do believe we can find truth and beauty in all situations. Ernest Hemingway was an athiest, but a brilliant writer. Diego Rivera was an athiest, but his painting of The Grider reminds me that my simple work as a teacher is holy work for God. Is that what Rivera intended? Probably not, but God can work through anyone or anything.

    • Angie says:

      I agree completely. I think it’s wrong to discount a person, without any reflection whatever, solely because they are a (fill in the blank). For example, I’ve experienced “Oh, but she’s a woman” instead of the hearer weighing what I am saying.

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