Dumpster Day

One day in the next few weeks, I will observe Dumpster Day.

Haven’t heard of it? Dumpster Day is a day dedicated to cleaning out your work space — a day for you to go through all the files and piles and papers that have accumulated over the last year, sort through them and throw out everything you don’t need. The idea comes from David Allen’s great book, Getting Things Done.

I’ve actually done a series of Dumpster Days in the past year as part of our moves from North Carolina to Indiana, and from our apartment to our new house. But I will still take one day over a holiday break to sort through my files, tossing (recycling or shredding) old correspondence, financial records, catalogs and notes that are no longer useful. But I won’t stop with paper. I will also go through my computer and delete photos, emails, files and documents that I don’t need, and correctly file those that I do.

By the end, I will be ready for tax season and have a clean computer desktop, a clean office, and a clear head to start the new year.

When will you observe Dumpster Day?


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