The Road To Clarity

We want clarity. We want it to rise up right in front of us on the path. A big revelation, a clear sign or instruction: “Go this way.”

But in my experience, the road to clarity is much less…clear. Instead of a wide, open road, it is a meandering path, often with a series of wrong turns and rabbit trails. You go down this path for a little while, then find it’s not the right one. You leave your pack at a stopping point, thinking it is so critical to your journey that you must return to retrieve it, then realize you didn’t need it after all. You wander off on a few adventures along the way. Some are a waste of time, while some turn into treasured parts of the journey. Yet all help shape you and clarify both your direction and, as it turns out, your destination.

Little by little, step by step, conversation by conversation and experience by experience, the path becomes clearer, ’til one day you open your eyes and suddenly realize you know exactly where you are, and that it’s exactly where you are supposed to be. The process was slower than you wished, more challenging than you anticipated, but more fulfilling than you dreamed.

You will arrive at clarity. The road there just looks different than you want or expect.


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