Farewell, 1490L

As I write this, our family is in the middle of making the move from an apartment to our newly constructed home. (Yay!) After six months of apartment living, it will be nice to have more space again, including a yard, more kitchen storage (a pantry!) and a two-car garage.

Still, part of me is sad to be moving out of our first “home” in Indy. In many ways, apartment life made Dave and I felt like we were newlyweds again, back in our first apartment in the Twin Cities. We enjoyed exploring our new town without having to worry about yard work or other home repairs. Our close quarters made for more family togetherness, which most of the time was a good thing. And our balcony overlooked a beautiful lake, populated with a brace of ducks whose quacking laughter always made me giggle as it wafted through the open windows.

I will also miss our neighbors. Apartment dwellers sometimes get a bad rap from the landed gentry. But I found our neighbors to be friendly, hard-working folk who struggle with the same issues as the rest of us: finding and maintaining supportive relationships, engaging in meaningful work,  balancing work or school with the rest of life, and making ends meet.

I will miss Matt the maintenance guy, who with his wife is foster-parenting their young nephew and niece. “On the one hand, I hope their parents get their act together so they can get their kids back,” he told me, “but on the other, they’ve become like my own children and I can’t imagine giving them up to anyone.”

I will miss Mark downstairs, a single dad of two who has gone back to school on VA funding for his Master’s in Organizational Leadership.

I will miss Jake and Megan and their dogs, Daisy and Dexter. Megan is a nurse and Jake works the night shift, cleaning industrial cooking filters at restaurants as far as 100 miles from Indy. When we first arrived with our moving truck, Dexter was a clumsy eight-week puppy; he is now a sweet, well-mannered young pit bull.

And I will miss the spontaneous conversations with random neighbors at the pool, on walks with Brewster, and during trips to the dumpster. Apartment living gave me a new perspective on community and daily reminders of the true needs of the people around us.

Farewell, 1490L. I am grateful for our short but sweet time together.


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