Kindle Paperwhite

My new Kindle Paperwhite arrived earlier this week!

The Paperwhite is the next generation non-color Kindle, replacing the Kindle Touch (or in my case, my 3rd-generation Kindle Keyboard). And so far, I have to say I am very pleased with my new toy.

I got the Paperwhite instead of the Kindle Fire because I prefer a dedicated e-reader instead of a mini-computer with all its potential distractions (and heavier weight), and because I learned from experience with my old iPad that the Kindle Paperwhite e-Ink technology is easier on my eyes. I never even considered anything with more bells and whistles.

Kindle Keyboard (L) and the new Kindle Paperwhite (R)

The Paperwhite utilizes a touch screen that I’ve found pleasingly intuitive and responsive. It is lighter and thinner than my previous Kindle (see above), with noticeably better screen resolution thanks to 62% more pixels and 25% better contrast from the previous generation. And unlike previous e-ink Kindles, the Paperwhite also incorporates a built-in light that somehow illuminates the screen without tiring the eyes.

It was simple to de-register my previous Kindle and register the new one; in a few minutes, my entire Kindle library appeared on the new device, and I was off and reading again. Overall, I am a satisfied customer and I’d recommend the Paperwhite as an upgrade from previous e-ink Kindles, or if you’re just getting into the e-reader market.


One thought on “Kindle Paperwhite

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