Trust the Band

I’ve played guitar for more than twenty years. I currently play every other week with the worship team at our church, including a few weeks ago for our fall kickoff service, which was held outside around a big gazebo on our property.

It’s always an honor to play with a team of true pros. On this particular Sunday we had Doug on electric guitar; Brian on drums; Scott on bass; me on acoustic; Kathy on keyboard; and Doug, Kathy, Christy and Leanna on vocals. But what impressed me more was not the collection of musicians, but how our leader trusted the band.

Doug is our church’s Worship Leader and a tremendously gifted guitarist. He could have insisted on taking the lead for the entire set, with the band serving merely as his backup. Instead, Doug had different people step up vocally and instrumentally for each song. And folks, we rocked it. The result was a beautiful team effort and a powerful movement of God in the congregation.

Do you trust the band God has put around you? Do you allow your team members to play to their strengths and showcase their gifts? Or do you insist on hogging the solos and the spotlight? If you’re currently playing an individual gig, are you working to identify, invite, and develop other band members to join you on stage?

Trust the band. The collective efforts of a unified team can make beautiful music.

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