The Mother of Innovation

It’s an oft-heard lament in the ministry world: “If only we had more resources.” To many leaders, a lack of innovation is due to a lack of financial and human resources. Not so, says author Tom Kelley in the fantastic The Ten Faces of Innovation.

Why did most Silicon Valley legends get their start in a garage? Kelley asserts that it’s because, lacking money or staff, those innovators were forced to be resourceful with what they had. At the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, instructor Amy Smith makes students live in upper-class Cambridge, MA on just $2 a day for a week. The experience has led to innovative, inexpensive programs and solutions in poverty-stricken areas around the world.

“Sometimes a lack of resources and tools can prove to be the spark that helps you seek out and make new connections,” writes Kelley. “To create something new, you may have to take something away.”

What if the key to innovation in our ministries is not more resources, but less?


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