Finish List Update

Back on January 2, I posted my Finish List, a.k.a. 2012 Goals. Now that we are just over halfway through the year, I took a minute to review and note my progress (or lack thereof):

Things I will finish in 2012:

  • A 10K road race. Ran an 8K right before we moved from NC but looking for a 10K this fall.
  • The manuscript for my first book (Church Organizational Culture). Ha, no additional progress so far but I do anticipate more time to write now that we are settled in Indy and once the boys are back in school.
  • The proposal for a second book. Ditto. I actually have rough outlines for five books now.
  • Losing ten pounds. Done! And on my way to 5-10 more…
  • Memorizing James and the Sermon on the Mount. Again, woeful progress. A kick in the pants for me to get back to Scripture memory in the months ahead.
  • Reading through the New Testament. Just started this but should complete by Christmas.
  • Paying $5,000 on my school loans. Not sure I’ll get to this amount especially since we made less money than hoped on the sale of our houses in NC, but we are making progress toward paying these way ahead of schedule.
  • Running a 5K at a pace of eight minutes per mile. Another thing to work on in the fall. Summers for me are more about maintaining a cardio base. 
  • Updating and combining the web sites for The Leadership Lab and my blog. Done, and very pleased with the results — you’re looking at ’em!
  • Reading 35 nonfiction books. Definitely on track for this. I’ve read 24 already.
  • Designing six online courses as contracted with various colleges and seminaries. In progress, proceeding as planned.
  • Development of the Church Organizational Culture Survey. In progress, working on statistical analysis of latest collection of pilot data. 
  • Development of a “Post-Div” graduate-level leadership development program for church leaders. On hold at least ’til the fall. 
  • The transition from our Interim ministry at Chatham Community Church to whatever God has for us next. DONE and this has been the big one that took time and energy from some of the other items on the list. This is the first time in about six months that I don’t have a huge list of transition to-do’s hanging over my head. 
Did you create a list of goals/resolutions/items to finish in 2012, and how are you doing?

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