Go To Another Church

You heard right: I’m telling you to go to another church.

For a visit, that is; not a job change. And not so that you can see what the church is “doing” in terms of programs and ministries (a.k.a., scoping out the “competition”).

I am suggesting that you visit another church without any agenda other than to allow yourself to be ministered to, and to gain an expanded understanding of and appreciation for what God is doing outside of your little corner of ministry. Go incognito. Don’t critique; just sit and enjoy. Listen to the stories of the people you meet. See what God is doing in and through that community. Offer an encouraging smile to leaders, and say a prayer on their behalf. Give generously when the offering plate is passed your way. Let yourself remember what it was like to just go to church, before you worked at one.

I am confident you will return to your own ministry with a refreshed soul and an enlarged perspective.

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