Road Trip

As you read this, our family is making its way from Durham, NC to Greenwood, IN. (Unless you are reading this a week late, in which case we might be digging through boxes. Or out for frozen yogurt.) Our mini-caravan of a 20′ U-Haul truck and my ’02 Honda Civic will carry our family about 650 miles over two days: from the North Carolina piedmont, across the western slice of Virginia, over the mountains of West Virginia, past the blue grass of Kentucky, and into the gentle farmlands of Indiana.

We haven’t taken many long road trips as a family, so I’ve realized we don’t have many road-trip traditions. We do open the windows and yell when going through a tunnel (two in Virginia). Besides that, we chill out to iPods, books, a few DVDs, and our own thoughts.

Next week I’ll return to blogging as usual, but today I’m wondering: What are your road-trip traditions?


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