Stop. (Sabbath Time!)

Do you observe weekly Sabbath?

I’ve written before about the development of my Sabbath practice. But in the middle of our transition to Indiana, while Dave has been up there the last five weeks and I have worked on tying up loose ends here in North Carolina, I have come to value my Sabbath rest even more than before, and to become even more  protective of it. By Saturday afternoon, I have found myself counting the hours until the start of 24 hours of rest and renewal.

The last few weeks in particular, I have shut down my computer on Saturday evening, not to be restarted until Monday morning. While I still have an iPhone for communication with the outside world, I have found that shutting down the bigger screen has forced me, mercifully, into greater silence, contemplation, and rest. Yesterday, I enjoyed one last worship service with our community at Chatham Church, followed by an unhurried lunch with the boys, a nap, and dinner and a walk with a dear friend. I slept deeply and awoke this morning with renewed energy for what will be a very busy week of making the final move to Indy.

If you do not practice a full day of rest, I exhort you to build it into your week. God commanded it for a reason; don’t ignore this command and the opportunity — no, necessity — of a weekly Sabbath.


One thought on “Stop. (Sabbath Time!)

  1. kirkistan says:

    Angie–please keep reminding of this. Work still has a habit of showing up on the Sabbath, though I battle it. There's something very smart about staying away from the computer screens. I try to keep out of my office, but I end up writing on my laptop–for fun not work. And then sometimes it turns to work.

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