Finding Your Sweet Spot

I recently spent a couple of days up in Pennsylvania, teaching Development of Organizational Leadership to M.A. students at Lancaster Bible College & Graduate School.

Oh my word. Total. Sweet. Spot. Though the class days were long, I came home totally energized.

Which got me thinking, how do you find your sweet spot? It’s a question I have discussed with many leaders who feel like they’re somehow out of place in their current context. They can do the work, sure, but something’s missing.

Working from your sweet spot feels totally different. Athletes know this feeling well. The crack of the bat sounds different; the basket looks huge; the rest of the players seem to be moving in slow motion. You feel like you can’t miss, or that you could keep going forever.

Where is your sweet spot? I believe it resides at the intersection of natural ability, learning, practice, and contextual fit. Here are some clues:

  • It’s the thing that comes so naturally to you, it seems like no big deal and you’re surprised not everyone can do it.
  • It’s the thing you could talk about for hours without getting tired.
  • It’s the thing you study even when you’re not taking a class on it.
  • It’s the thing that energizes an introvert.
  • It’s the thing that people ask you about a lot because they perceive you to be an expert or a pro.
  • It’s the thing you would probably do even if you didn’t get paid for it.

My sweet spot is organizational leadership, particularly in a church context. What’s your sweet spot?


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