…And We Are Back

(Hat tip to Johnny Carson for his standard Tonight Show bumper…)

Welcome to my new home!

I hope you will take a look around, sit a spell, and invite your friends and relatives to visit as well. I’m sorry for the lengthy blog break, but this transition took longer than I had originally intended. Nevertheless, I am pleased with the results, and I hope you like it too.

While I was getting this new site up and running, I also enjoyed a break from regular creation of new content. As a result, my creative juices are flowing again, I have a long list of new topics, and I am excited about the ideas and content that I will be posting here in the months ahead.

If you have been receiving RSS or email updates from the previous blog: Please take the time to update your subscription method ASAP so you don’t miss any new posts. I’ve scheduled reminder posts from the old blog for the next week, but after that don’t blame me.

Y’all come back now, ya’hear?!?


2 thoughts on “…And We Are Back

  1. Angie–glad your cyber home is up and running. Would you consider posting about how you made the move. I've considered doing the same, but the hassle and money side always make me say, "It can wait."

    Thanks. Site looks great!

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