Attitude of Gratitude

I will be taking a break from blogging the rest of the week to focus on enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. But in honor of Thanksgiving, I encourage you to write down twenty things you are thankful for. Here’s my list:

  1. God’s all-surpassing love, grace, and forgiveness.
  2. My relationship with God.
  3. My relationship with Dave.
  4. Nearly sixteen years of marriage.
  5. My two delightful sons, Taylor and Jamison, and their unique personalities, gifts and passions.
  6. That the boys are becoming men after God’s own heart.
  7. Our emotional connectedness as a family.
  8. Dave’s great sense of humor and how he is the perfect balance for my intensity.
  9. My sweet beagle puppy, Brewster.
  10. A warm house.
  11. The financial resources to have all that we truly need.
  12. Our new church.
  13. Dear friends all over the country who I know will always walk with me through thick and thin.
  14. College basketball.
  15. The opportunity to do what I love and even make money at it.
  16. Completing my Ph.D.
  17. Good health and the ability to exercise.
  18. Bluegrass music.
  19. Good books.
  20. The opportunity to rest, reflect, feast, and offer thanks.


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