Church Wanted

As Dave and I continue to search for whatever ministry is next for us after his current Interim Pastor assignment, we regularly review about a dozen ministry-job web sites. It is no surprise that most churches seem to be looking for the perfect pastor: a visionary leader, strategic thinker, pastor/shepherd with warm interpersonal style, a dynamic communicator and gifted administrator who is between the ages of 35-45 with 20 years of experience leading growth from 100 to a multi-staff, multi-site church of 2,000.

I’m sorry, folks, but that kind of leader does not exist, and not even Jesus would make the cut. But while we’re dreaming, I thought I’d come up with our own unrealistic ad.


Experienced pastor looking for the next church God would have for our family and my leadership. We are looking for a church with the friendly feel of 200 people and the financial resources of Willow Creek. Church must demonstrate a successful track record of embracing change, ending ministries that are no longer effective, agreeing with every one of the pastor’s theological beliefs, never complaining about sermons, trusting the church’s leaders, and dedicating at least ten hours per person to ministry outside that person’s regular job. Worship style must connect with everyone from young children to senior citizens and the church must demonstrate equal effectiveness at reaching newcomers and challenging mature believers. The church must have a solid history of at least 50 years of ministry effectiveness with no internal conflict, but retain the agility of a new church plant.

If you believe you may be God’s church for us, we would love to hear from you!


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