Pure Corn

Some of you know that our family is enjoying a new beagle puppy. Since Dave and I love bluegrass, we named the pup “Brewster” after Paul Brewster, tenor for Ricky Skaggs’ band Kentucky Thunder. It seemed appropriate to name a hound dog for a singer who also excels at that “high lonesome sound.”

(“Ryman” made the short list but in the end we went with Brewster, partly because we also sometimes call him “Bud” and, as a 13-inch beagle, we can then call him “Bud Light.”)

Well, Brewster is such a delight that a few weeks ago I told Dave I wanted a whole pack of beagles and would name them the Bluegrass Boys. The oldest, of course, would be named Monroe, but then we’d have Del, Ricky, Stanley, Lester and Earl. Plus we’d need at least one girl, maybe Linda Lou or better yet, Amanda Lynn, because no bluegrass band is complete without a ‘manda’lynn.

Bonus points if you can provide the full names of every boy in our imagined beagle pack. Of course, negative points for being as bluegrass nerdy as our household. 


One thought on “Pure Corn

  1. I am guessing Del McCoury, Ricky Skaggs, Ralph Stanley, Lester Flatt, and Earl Scruggs. No Doc or Sonny? And what about Kreisler? 🙂

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