I Am a Connector

I can’t help it. I see, and make, connections.

I am a networker. I like connecting with people. I like connecting people with other people. But that’s just the start. I also connect people to ideas; ideas to other ideas; principles to application; people and ideas to action; and the steps from here to there, or from back then to right now.

Haley Joel Osment’s character in The Sixth Sense saw dead people. I see systems. I also see trends, patterns, trajectories. They come to life in some weird, three-dimensional way. I used to think everybody thought like this. Now I realize it’s a unique ability, an odd “six degrees” understanding of the world. It helps in strategic planning, in conflict management, in organizational leadership, in doctoral research, in teaching, in building relationships.

But it can also be a curse. I worry about bad stuff that might be coming further down the road, based on the patterns I see now. I sometimes have a hard time living in the present. I can be too quick to fear a pattern rather than accept an isolated incident.

Of course, I know this about myself because I have recognized the connections in my own life. My passions, gifts, tendencies, moments I feel most fulfilled, and those when I feel most frustrated. They’re all connected.

How can I help you make a connection?


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